Lithuania offers a user-friendly app to monitor and prevent the spread of COVID-19

One of the interesting tools used in Lithuania to respond to COVID-19 is the quarantine application  called "Karantinas", which is developed by Vilnius city mucipality in cooperation with other Lithuanian authorities. 

The app "Karantinas" enables daily coronavirus symptom tracking, encourages healthy actions that curb the spread of the virus and helps to care for people in self-isolation. All actions in the app Karantinas are rewarded with points which can be spent to buy great discounts in the app shop. 

How it works: 

- Daily health tasks based on the recommendations of the World Health Organisation preventing the spread of the coronavirus; 
- Daily questionnaires on coronavirus symptoms. After filling in a questionnaire you will receive a recommendation on whom to contact in case of alerting symptoms; 
- The latest official information about the coronavirus in Lithuania; 
- Advice on how to stay healthy at home;
- Activation and tracking of the self-isolation regime, useful information on self-isolation, daily questions and tasks, assistance to all people in self-isolation regime.
It’s really easy and very important: daily health monitoring will help to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

The application could be downloaded from or

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