Hub participated in the 2024 ASPA Annual Conference

On 12-16 April, the American Society for Public Administration held Annual Conference under the theme “Building Resilient Communities”. As always, the Astana Civil Service Hub participated in the ASPA Annual Conference by taking part in the International Assembly and organizing its Panel Session, further strengthening its commitment to advancing the field of public administration.

On 12 April, the ACSH has held a Panel Session as part of this conference, which was focused on “Digital Transformation in Civil Service HRM: Challenges and Best Practices in the ACSH participating countries”. Welcoming speeches were made by Mr. Alikhan Baimenov and Mr. William Shields, Executive Director of the ASPA. 

Mr. Baimenov highlights importance of Human Resource Management in modern public administration. Mr. Baimenov emphasized the critical relevance of HRM in contemporary public administration. With technological advancements continually shaping the landscape, the role of HR is expanding significantly. Mr. Baimenov noted that historical evidence underscores how technological progress underscores the significance of corporate culture, responsibility, and HRM. To effectively manage these dynamics, Mr.Baimenov stressed the necessity of equipping HRM with the latest technological tools. Doing so, he argued, would optimize resources and enable HR professionals to focus on effective human resource management. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of knowledge exchange in this domain, expressing gratitude for the platform provided by the ASPA. “This session offers an invaluable opportunity for countries to share experiences and collaborate on finding optimal solutions.”- said Mr.Baimenov.

In his welcoming notes, Mr. Shields expressed humility at being among esteemed colleagues like Dr. Newland, Dr. Facer, and international Director Pan Su Kim. Mr. Shields praised the efforts of the ACSH in facilitating participation from various regions.
Mr. Shields teased upcoming partnerships under the ASPA umbrella and celebrated the organization's expansion, including the launch of the Latin America public administration section at the current conference. He hinted at future developments, particularly a section focused on the ACSH's region.

Experts and practitioners from government and academic institutions from several countries around the world, e.g., Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Korea, Türkiye provided their insights, unique perspectives and experience to enrich the discussion. Participants exchanged innovative solutions to key problems, studied the role of digital technologies in talent management, and discussed the strategy of flexible personnel policy.

Presentations are available below: 

[ACSH Presentation]

[MPM Presentation]

[Kazakhstan Presentation]

[Uzbekistan Presentation]

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