New Article of Dr. Pan Suk Kim on "New development: Improving accident compensation for public officials"

Member of the ACSH Steering Committee, Dr. Pan Suk Kim has published an article "New development: Improving accident compensation for public officials" in the Public Money and Management (SSCI Journal in the UK)

To compensate for institutional deficiencies, the South Korean government passed new legislation on public officials’ accident compensation in 2018. The scope and eligibility criteria for accident compensation were adjusted and accident compensation levels were made more realistic. Moreover, the accident compensation review process was restructured by placing the first and second claim reviews under the Ministry of Personnel Management and the Office of the Prime Minister, respectively. This article addresses how the law related to civil servants’ compensation has changed, the main contents of the new law, the eligibility criteria for accident compensation, how they work, and future directions for further development. This fills a significant gap in the academic literature, as relatively few studies on accident compensation for public officials have been conducted in the public management field.

The article is available online via following link: 

Dr. Pan Suk Kim is Professor Emeritus, Department of Global Public Administration, Yonsei University, Mirae Campus, South Korea. He is a former Minister of Personnel Management of the Republic of Korea and a past president of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences. He is a commission member of the International Civil Service Commission of the United Nations and a lifetime fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration. He is also International Director of the American Society for Public Administration.

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