Innovative Solution Scheme

In 2015, the Astana Civil Service Hub launched the Innovative Solutions Scheme aimed at supporting initiatives to modernize the public administration, to improve public service delivery, and to encourage innovation and creativity in public institutions.

 The Scheme was elaborated as a tool to identify and assist in replicating the most successful innovative solutions in public administration and disseminate this knowledge among participating and partnering countries.

 The objectives of initiating the Scheme include:

  • To encourage service to citizens and motivate public servants in the region to sustain the momentum of innovation and improvement of the delivery of public services;
  • To collect and disseminate successful practices and experiences in public administration to support efforts for improving public service delivery;
  • To promote, encourage and facilitate networking among institutions and organizations relevant to public administration and strengthen the networks of the Hub;
  • To enhance professionalism in public service by fostering the successful innovative practice and excellence in public service delivery.

2015 Innovative Solutions Scheme  

2018 Innovative Solutions Scheme

Innovative Solutions Scheme Brochure

Innovative Soluitons Scheme Stages

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