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The Hub encourages civil service and public administration professionals and experts to share their ideas, thoughts and proposals on innovative solutions to respond effectively to the COVID-19 induced crisis.

We believe that your opinions and insights in Public Administration or Governance in general, Civil Service and Public Service Delivery, Improvement of Healthcare and Education Systems, Government and Society Interaction issues or in other but related fields will give impetus to the introduction of new innovative approaches and tools on mitigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as contribute to socio-economic developments both on a country and global levels.

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Dr Andreas Baumgartner

Dr Andreas Baumgartner

Director, StIR StrategyImpactReputation FZE, CEO – The Metis Institute; Certified Instructor at the Napoleon Hill Foundation; Advisory Board Member of the FEMOZA World Free and Economic Zones Federation

There are many who are claiming that the Covid-19 Crisis has changed everything. Without doubt, it has changed our perceptions and - in many cases - our priorities. However, Covid-19 might not have actually created a new reality from scratch.
Mr. Brett van der Bosch

Mr. Brett van der Bosch

Partnerships and Public Innovation Manager, The DO School Innovation Lab GmbH

The Covid-19 pandemic has made one thing very clear: When a real, unprecedented crisis hits, citizens do not turn to the private sector for guidance, they turn to government.
Demetrios Argyriades

Demetrios Argyriades

Professor of Public Administration, John Jay College, CUNY

One of the current soundbites that the Virus brought in its trail was invented shortly after the onslaught of the Recession in 2008. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” or words to that effect.

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