Korea ICT Leadership Program invites government officials from ministry or agency in ICT field

Korea ICT Leadership Program (KoIL) invites policy-makers to share the ideas on ICT policy and technology and establish a close network between Korea and the partner country to address challenges on public services through ICT.

The KoIL Program is designed to strengthen international cooperation and contribute to national informatization of partner countries by providing meetings with public officials and ICT companies in Korea, and planning joint-project with National Information Society Agency (NIA) to enhance the ICT policy implementation capacity of policy-makers and improve public services with ICT.

Main objectives:

  1. Expand international cooperation in the ICT field with Korea
  2. Deepen insight on ICT policies and emerging technologies
  3. Promote digital transformation by sharing the Korean best practices

Location: Seoul, Korea

Language: English

Qualification Requirements: Government officials from ministry or agency in ICT field. 

All the program details including the schedule and other important information about application, support, accommodation and facilities can be found in the following documents:

Project Concept Paper For 2022 Korea ICT Leadership Program

Korea ICT Leadership Short-Term Program 

For additional information regarding the project, please contact jsim@nia.or.kr.


Main areas of activities