The state apparatus plays a key role in the fight against the pandemic

More than 500 experts, academics and government representatives from 17 countries discussed advanced approaches for responding to the pandemic at the online webinar "Rapid Response to Covid-19 Crisis: Whole-of-country Approach to Unlocking and Recovery", organized by the Astana Civil Service Hub (ACSH) in collaboration with the global consulting company Whiteshield Partners.

The subject of discussion was Whiteshield Partners' innovative methodology for modeling various lockdown scenarios, planning appropriate anti-crisis measures, both in the short and long term.

Opening the webinar, the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the ACSH, Mr. Alikhan Baimenov noted that “the pandemic and the new reality that followed require increased demands on the quality of public administration. The decisive role of public administration is obvious today both in the immediate response of countries to the challenges of the pandemic, and in search of the most effective ways to recovery.” He emphasized that “the trust of citizens in this is not only a key factor and social value, but also an effective administrative capital.”

In his welcoming speech, Partner and Director of Whiteshield Partners, Mr. Anthony O'Sullivan emphasized that a crisis response is absolutely necessary and only possible if various innovations are invested. In turn, Global Managing Partner and Co-founder of Whiteshield Partners, Mr. Fadi Farra called for an alliance, a joint alliance between the main players and key experts working on the front line, to develop a single integrated approach to dealing with the crisis and noted that "the confrontation must be urgent, since there is no time for bureaucracy."

Also, the webinar was attended by the the former Minister of Finance of Poland, the former OECD and EU Ambassador and currently the Director of Whiteshield Partners Mr. Pavel Wojciechowski, Renowned Economist, Professor of Economics at the Paris Institute of Political Studies  Mr. Sergei Guriev, as well as Epidemiologist and Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics from the French School of Public Health, Dr. Pascal Crépey.

In his speech, Mr. Pavel Wojciechowski noted the importance of a holistic approach to consider three-dimensional, socio-economic aspects, different stages in the period of the fight against the pandemic. He talked about the benefits of using this program, which uses an unconventional modeling approach and in-depth analysis at the molecular level to avoid repeated lockdown.

Professor Guriev noted that "a well-functioning state apparatus that works honestly and effectively and thereby increases citizens' confidence in the state plays a key role in the fight against the pandemic." Speaking about specific measures taken by governments, he noted that "many Eurasian countries are thinking about tax reform, introducing new taxes, raising taxes, but now is not the time to introduce new taxes. When you don't have any extra money, give people the opportunity to earn as much as they can, thus it's important to remove regulatory barriers to business," he says.

As part of the webinar, an innovative application “Navigator” aimed at rapid response to COVID-19 was presented. It is based on economic and epidemiological models, analysis of socio-economic consequences, and planning of crisis scenarios. The “Rapid Response Team” approach of daily impact through science, flexible management, and capacity building, was also presented.

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