Hub took part in the World Government Summit

On 13-15 February, the UAE hosted the World Government Summit under the theme of “Shaping Future Governments”, in which Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Astana Civil Service Hub Mr. Alikhan Baimenov has taken part. 

The Summit brought together around 10,000 high level government officials, ministers from all over the world, heads of international organisations and companies, thought leaders, global experts and prominent business leaders from the private sector. 


Mr. Baimenov delivered a speech at the Ministerial Roundtable on “Shaping Future Governments”, which was held on the second day of the Summit. He said that “as the experience of mankind shows, the possession of new technologies requires a new level of responsibility. Thus, it is crucial to remain vigilant in executing digital transformation and to balance decision-making in the interests of public safety, on the one hand, and citizens’ rights and freedoms, on the other. For this, there is a need to improve both national and international legislation.” 

Mr. Baimenov mentioned that “the governments of the region pay great attention to HRM in civil service,” and “priorities that could increase the effect of the efforts taken are following unconditional protection of the principles of meritocracy, adequate talent management, effective leadership and agile management approaches”. Moreover, he outlined the importance of “instilling a corporate culture that built on mutual respect for dignity, employees’ rights and freedoms, labour and efforts, and, finally, respect for time – a non-renewable resource, the value of which is increasing”. 

On the ground of the Summit, Mr. Baimenov met with the Mr. Conrado Ramos, Minister National Civil Service Office of Uruguay, Mr. Benjamin Abalos, Permanent Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government of the Philippines, and Ms. Maleyka Abbaszade, Chairperson of State Examination Center of Azerbaijan. Mr. Baimenov also met with Dr. John Nakabago and Dr. George Scott, President and Secretary-General of the African Association of Public Administration and Management, as well as with Dr. Alex Brillantes, Secretary-General of the Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration. During the meetings the parties discussed potential ways of strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation within the framework of the ACSH activities. 


Overall, the agenda of Summit was fulfilled with more than 220 sessions, where over 300 speakers from thought leaders, global experts and decision makers from around the world shared visions and discuss ideas and strategies towards the future.

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