Open discussion on "Key Challenges in the HR" held in Astana

An open discussion on "Key Challenges in the HR" took place at Maksut Narikbayev University. The discussion was attended by Ms. Ana Landa Ugarte, Global Manager of the Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions, UNDP BPPS, Mr. Peter Vandenbruaene, and Ms. Melanie Recour from the Federal Public Service Policy and Support of Belgium, as well as HR specialists from the corporate and private sectors led by Ms. Gulmira Raisova, and representatives of the Astana Civil Service Hub. The discussion was moderated by Ainur Karbozova, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Maksut Narikbaev University.

During the discussion, participants addressed the challenges they encounter in HR and the decisions they take. They observed that the challenges are widespread and that decisions are made based on specific contexts.

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