The first online HR-conference “HR! No more drama!" was held

The first online HR-conference “HR! No more drama!”, organized by the  Association of HR Managers jointly with the Astana Civil Service Hub, was held on April 11. 

The conference was opened by the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Astana Civil Service Hub Mr. Alikhan Baimenov. In that address, he stated that “the challenge, that we are going through now, leaves an imprint on all aspects of the life. All states of the world stand in solidarity in the importance of focus on a man, man’s life and health”. He further stressed: “the value of HR divisions is growing, being the only division working with people in the vast majority of enterprises in terms of functionality. Although most HR managers do not have psychological background, at this stage they are forced to become psychologists and maintain a working atmosphere in the teams, working with them remotely. Based on lessons learned, organizations must simultaneously prepare for the future that will undoubtedly come. In this regard, HR should help employers to be prepared for the upcoming structural changes, but in such way that avoid “throwing out the baby with the bathwater”. We need to think about implementation of the agile recruiting schemes, including ad-hoc, reduced working hours. Moreover, HR services should become a bridge of trust and understanding between employers and employees.”

Further social and labor relations expert Ms. Sandugash Iskendirova presented the results of the survey on “New HR Challenges”. 130 HR specialists from all regions of Kazakhstan responded to the survey. The expert stated: “We are already seeing that the move to telecommuting has a painful effect on the efficiency of business. So, a significant part cannot provide employees with office equipment, and less than 20% use an electronic signature in processing  of employment contracts, additional agreements andtime sheets”.

The conference was attended by 17 speakers from 4 countries, and the live-stream was watched more than 4,000 times. Experts focused on the strategic role of HR in various industries during turbulence.

Participants of the conference discussed issues of reduction and remuneration of employees, examined cases of best practices for maintaining current working conditions on the example of individual enterprises, experts shared tools, including digital ones, that proved their managerial and operational effectiveness.

The conference put forward a set of specific recommendations were made to strengthen the internal communications system in the form of telecommuting, as well as to increase leadership effectiveness. An emphasis was also placed on enhancing online skills conducive to the development of the organization's digital culture.

The video recording of the conference is available on the Association’s Facebook page:


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