We are delighted to share the good news with you the ACSH Annual Conference 2023 will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan between 17 and 19 May with an overall theme “Meritocracy. Integrity. Innovation”. This Conference will mark the 10th anniversary of the Astana Civil Service Hub and will bring together high-level public officials, leading experts of international organisations, and prominent scholars from 30 countries. 


Along with representatives from the America, Europe, Africa and Asia, our outstanding lineup of speakers for the Plenary Session includes

  • Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Chairman of the International Civil Service Commission H.E. Mr. Larbi DJACTA,
  • Secretary–General of the Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration Dr. Alex BRILLANTES, 
  • Secretary–General of the African Association for Public Administration and Management Dr. George K. SCOTT. 
  • Former Prime Minister and Former Deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic H.E. Mr. Aaly KARASHEV, 

Welcoming remarks will also be delivered by Director of OECD Public Governance Directorate Ms. Elsa PILICHOWSKI, Director of the UN Office for South – South Cooperation Ms. Dima AL-KHATIB and Executive Director of the American Society for Public Administration Mr. William SHIELDS.

During first day of the event, keynote presentations session will feature prominent experts and thought leaders such as former Minister of Personnel Management of the Republic of Korea, ASPA International Director and Member of the UN ICSC Dr. Pan Suk KIM, Former Chair of GRECO and the OECD Working Group on Bribery Mr. Drago KOS, Managing Partner of Guzun Consulting Mr. Viсtor GUZUN and President of the Facer Management Consulting Mr. Rex FACER II. 

On the same day, the event will provide an opportunity for attendees to explore the experience of Belgium, the Republic of Korea, Canada, Kazakhstan and Ukraine merit-based approaches for attracting, selecting, and retaining civil servants.

The first day will finish by presenting the results of a ACSH’s research projects, including on attracting talent to the civil service, civil servants’ remuneration systmen, behavioral public policy, prevention of corruption, debureaucratization and other relevant aspects of public administration.

On 18 MAY, Day 2 of the Conference, will begin with Panel full of vibrant discussions on a wide range of issues regarding preventive measures to combat corruption in the civil service and the ethics of civil servants, during which best practices of Slovenia, the Philippines, China, Kazakhstan and India will be shared. 


It will continue with the session devoted to building effective communications between the state and citizens, allowing participants to discuss the challenges and opportunities in creating a more engaged and participatory government.

On the same day researchers from Turkic and European countries will gather for Roundtable 1 to discuss the development of public administration in a cultural and historical context from Lagash and Al-Farabi to the present day. 

Day 3 of the conference, MAY 19, will be dedicated to digitalization and innovation in the field of human resource management, as well as best practices in teaching public administration and public policy in higher education.


The ACSH Annual Conference is organised with the support of the United Nations Development Programme in Kazakhstan, the Agency for Civil Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The event is open for onsite and online participation. For physical attendance, please register via the following link no later than 10 MAY 2023: 

DATE: 17 – 19 MAY 2023
VENUE: Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
ADDRESS: 33a Abay Avenue, 010000, Astana, Kazakhstan



For online participation please see below links for connection to each session

Day I – 17 May 2023

Round Hall

  • Opening – Plenary Session: 10 years of Partnership for excellencE
  • Keynote presentations: Insights and Reflections

Virtual attendance: Connection link   
Meeting ID: 819 8888 5751         Passcode: 113355


Red Hall

  • Panel 1: Meritocracy in action: best practices and the experience of the ACSH participating countries
  • Panel 2:  Presentation of ACSH’s recent research products

Virtual attendance: Connection link
Meeting ID: 829 3792 6191                Passcode: 999000

Blue Hall

  • Workshop: Change Management for Digital Transformation


Virtual attendance: Connection link
Meeting ID: 835 0125 2303       Passcode: 444555



DAY II – 18 May 2023

Red Hall

  • Panel 3: Prevention of Corruption and Ethics in the Civil Service: Best Practices and Unique Cases
  • Panel 4:  Building effective communications
  • Roundtable I: Cultural and civilizational aspects of the development of public administration: from Lagash and Al-Farabi to the present day

Virtual attendance: Connection link
Meeting ID: 867 3855 6764              Passcode: 222333

Blue Hall

  • Workshop: Change Management for Digital Transformation


Virtual attendance: Connection link
Meeting ID: 835 0125 2303       Passcode: 444555



DAY III – 19 MAY 2023

Red Hall

  • Panel 5: Digitalisation in HR
  • Roundtable II: Teaching public administration and public policy: sharing good practices

Virtual attendance: Connection link
Meeting ID: 828 0987 0035           Passcode: 111000


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